Aleksey Chernov
Brand chef
Event-dinner from Aleksey Chernov.

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Something from the menu
Confit duck leg
Slow cooked duck leg with banana chutney.
Veal cheeks
With mushroom puree, truffles and enoki.
With red salmon roe, smoked protein caviar and aioli sauce.
Scallop ceviche.
Fresh Primorye scallop with black caviar, cucumber water, cilantro and lime.
Beef wellington
Beef loin, capocollo, mushroom duxel and puff pastry.
Kamchatka king crab with dairy butter, garlic, parsley oil and black caviar.
Take a closer look...
Small and cozy restaurant in the very heart of Vladivostok. Our brand chef Aleksey Chernov is creating outstanding european quisine with impressive taste and special serving.

Discreet and noble interior will isolate you from worries and immerse you in important; every detail, every accent plays its role. Everything happens in the right time in front of you - game of bubbles in a glass of champagne, polished service, right atmosphere and enigmatic music.

Sharpen senses. Restore pure perception. Consider details. Enrich experience.
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Delicacy and nuances.
Attention to details.
Every day.
Friendly bartenders.
Warm conversations.
Every day.
Sensual textures.
Quality communication.
Every day.
Exactly what you need.
Breathe deeply.
Every day.
Close acquaintances.
Warm memories.
Every day.

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Call us - +79146635811
Visit us - Vladivostok, Fontannaya Street, 28.

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